Syltoya Sterling

Energy Medicine Woman  & Intuitive Coach




Guiding Women To

Trust Their Intuition


My Purpose

Seeing Women Empowered

Beyond Lip Service

Hello beautiful and welcome. I'm Syltoya Sterling, Energy Medicine Woman & Intuitive Coach. I guide women in learning to trust their intuition, stop living in their heads and start living from the essence of  their hearts! 


I help women realize true empowerment comes from within,

and nobody needs to, or even really can give it to us.


My Supporting You 


Using energy medicine and intuitive coaching, I will help you access, and learn to live from your inner essence to clear away layers of hurt, anger, energetic congestion, and limiting beliefs so that you can liberate yourself.


Working with me results in developing new, supporting beliefs

about yourself to ensure that the loving and lasting imprints you want in your life, get made.


Why I Do This Work 


I felt like a poster child for the word “wrecked.” I was mad at myself, life and just about everything and everyone in it. Once I had truly had enough of putting up with what my life was representing, I committed to finding some answers and I promised that if I found something that could help me solve the riddle of my life, I would help other women do the same. 


Energy Medicine & Intuitive Coaching

is the support that I craved, but didn't have, or even knew existed a decade ago.    


You Deserve To Live A Life You Love


No matter your life story, I promise you a judgment free environment, in a safe and healthy space, filled with compassion, love, honesty and integrity.


If you are ready to do the healing work,

I am here to help you because...

When we heal ourselves,

we open the doors to healing ALL.


Professional Certifications

Usui Reiki Master

Energy Healing Practitioner 

(Accredited by International Institute for Complementary Therapists)

Professional Spirituality Coach

(Accredited by Complementary Therapist Accredited Association)

Ordained Minister Credential

(Universal Life Church

Psychology of Personal Growth

(Hong King University of Science and Technology) 

•Existential Well-being Counseling 

(KU Levine University-WIP)

•The Science of Everyday Thinking 

(University of Queensland Australia-WIP)

•The Science of Happiness 

(University of  BerkeleyX-WIP)

Work With Me

Energy Healing and Coaching sessions with me will connect you to your power within, helping you become aware of, and understand, what you need at the deepest level.


Energy healing helps bring awareness to the areas of your life seeking greater, authentic expression and works directly on them, not just on the surface. Coaching is done during session to get you involved, willing and responsible for your healing process physically, mentally and emotionally, so that you can experience lasting transformation in your life.

Working With Me Will Help You:

  • Greatly reduce stress & anxiety

  • Gain clarity 

  • Support self-healing

  • Find alignment

  • Release & transform stuck/suppressed feelings

  • Clear energy of past trauma

  • Empower relationships in all areas of your life

  • Enhance your health, happiness, prosperity ​and well-being

"Liberating Oneself,

Out Of Love Of Self,

Is A Gift To Be Graciously Received."

Session Wok with Syltoya Sterling Energy Medicine Woman & Intuitive Coach

I'd Love to Hear From You  

San Diego, CA